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African violet

African violet is intriguing blossoms. It’s easy to start new plant simply cut off a leaf and root it in moist potting mix. Dissimilar to comparative blooms, these flourish best inside on account of super cool temperatures. These perennials additionally arrive in a wide assortment of hues including pink, red, blue, and multicolor. Despite the fact that these sprouts look fragile and dainty, the blossoms are hardy by nature.

Scientific name: Saintpaulia
Common name: African violets

African Violet


How to maintain African Violet plant:

Plant the seeds in a little pot or holder that was loaded with either universally handy preparing blend or African Violet gardening soil. Search for little pots with openings underneath to help deplete the dirt. You will likewise need to sustain the plants about once consistently utilizing compost. You can utilize anyplace from utilize 1/fourth to 1/eighth manure (measure per gallon). Attempt to utilize 20-20-20 compost for best outcomes.

The African Violet plant needs a sufficient measure of water, particularly amid the late spring months. You will need to keep a little saucer of water underneath the pruned plant to supply the plant with water and to help it keep up satisfactory lotion. Keep in mind to keep it underneath the pot for close to thirty minutes in light of the fact that an excessive amount of dampness will harm the plant.

Bigger African Violet plants should be re-pruned at any rate twice per year. Littler blossoms should be re-pruned each season or somewhere in the vicinity. Bear in mind to drain the dirt after the fourth of each watering. Just pour the water through the top soil, keep the leaves down, and pour until the water is clear. Administering to the African Violet plant takes more work to look after than some enduring plants, however magnificence these sprouts bring is unparalleled.

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