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Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) is most commonly grown as a houseplant. It bears pointed, dark green, leathery leaves that are three to five inches wide and up to one foot long. The leaves often have heavy silver marbling. Slow-growing, its thick stems can be cut and rerooted when they grow too tall.

Scientific name: Aglaonema
Common name: Chinese Evergreen


How to grow and maintain Aglaonema:

Give low to medium light. Abstain from putting Chinese evergreen in splendid light, as the leaves may burn. Put your plant in a region that is out of direct daylight. Inside your home, put it close to a north window. Outside, locate a protected area, for example, under trees or along the north side of your home.


Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) wants to stay clammy, yet not wet. Water when the principal ½-to 1-creep of soil has dried. Roots may decay on the off chance that you keep the dirt excessively wet and plants may drop their leaves if the dirt turns out to be excessively dry.


Sustain Chinese evergreen month to month with a very much adjusted, natural compost. Additionally best dress the plant at regular intervals with a ½-inch layer of worm fertilizer, which will enhance the dirt and give the plant fundamental micronutrients.


Chinese evergreen is helpless to harm in icy temperatures and drafty conditions. They lean toward 65 to 70 degrees. Abstain from keeping them in a room that is 60 degrees or lower.


Propagate your Chinese evergreen by establishing stem cuttings in water. You can likewise isolate a congested plant by partitioning it into areas. Ensure that each area contains roots.


Chinese evergreen may succumb to mealybugs. In the event that this happens, check developing conditions, as plants powerless to vermin attack are by and large being developed in under perfect conditions. Pulverize mealybugs by splashing them with isopropyl liquor and washing them off once the liquor dries.

Last updated on February 28th, 2017

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