Angel Trumpet – Flowering garden

Angel Trumpet - Flowering garden

Angel Trumpet is easy to grow. It has beautiful, pendulous, trumpet-shaped flowers grow in white, cream, yellow, gold, apricot, pink and mauve. This perennial shrub can grow up to 6′ tall and blooms year round (Blooming slows in winter). The trumpet-shaped flower on this plant measures 8″ – 10″ long. Angel’s trumpet is a plant. The leaves and flowers are used to make medicines.

Scientific Name: Brugmansia
Common Name: angel’s trumpets

Angel Trumpet - Flowering garden

How to grow and maintain Angel Trumpet:

Choose a proper site for your angel trumpet plant. Full sun is best, but angel trumpet plants will grow in partial shade. Also, make sure the site is protected from the wind.

Angel trumpet is easy to grow from seed. Soak the seeds for 24 hours in hot tap water. Fill pots with humus-rich soil and moisten well. Spread the seed over the soil and cover the pots with clear plastic wrap. Place the pots indoors in a warm, radiant spot and make sure the soil remains moist at all times. The seed will germinate in three to six weeks. Once it has germinated, you can plant it directly into the garden soil during early summer.

Water the seeds when you plant and keep watering regularly, never allowing the soil to dry out. Angel trumpet plants enjoy a lot of moisture. Try not to enable them to stay in dry soil conditions for long or they will start to shrivel rapidly.

Fertilize regularly. Angel trumpet plants should be fertilized about every four weeks with a general purpose fertilizer. This will keep the soil full of nutrients.

Angel’s Trumpets are one of the easiest plants to proliferate by cuttings. Cuttings can be taken year round and both leafy and woody cuttings can be utilized. Six-inch cuttings will create roots in just a few weeks. Embed 1/2 inches of the cutting in a peat and sand mixture and maintain high humidity by covering with plastic.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2019

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