Bleeding heart – Flowering plants

Bleeding heart - Flowering plants

Bleeding heart is a particularly lovely spring- flowering perennial. Bleeding hearts are an extraordinary decision for adding color and texture to shady or woodland settings. Its long arching stems of elegant, heart-shaped flowers dangle gracefully over mounds of dark, blue-green leaves.

Scientific Name: Lamprocapnos spectabilis
Common Name: Bleeding heart

Bleeding heart - Flowering plants





How to grow and maintain Bleeding heart plant:

Place the container in a space that is gently shaded or then again that has splendid separated daylight, some morning sun exposure will be okay. The pink blossomed assortments of a bleeding heart can tolerate more direct sun than the white-blossomed varieties.

These plants are getting it done in equitably moist, rich soil in partial to full shade. A two-inch layer of mulch will help buffer soil moisture and keep the ground cooler. A somewhat acidic soil (pH 6.0 to 6.5) is ideal, but plants will tolerate a pH up to 7.5.

A Bleeding Heart Vine does well in regular household temperatures in the spring and summer but likes cooler temperatures between 55-60 degrees when it is resting in the pre-winter and winter.

Keep plants well watered throughout the summer, especially during dry periods.

The plants can be treated once every month during the growing
season with a diluted liquid fertilizer. Alternatively, you can use a slow release granular fertilizer or compost.

By seeds, cuttings, or division. The division is easiest and can be done every 2-3 years using a sharp spade. Divide plants in early spring, or as soon as the foliage dies back.

Pests and diseases:
Bleeding Heart Plants are occasionally troubled by bugs, but every once in a while spider mites and Mealy Bugs can be a problem. botrytis Blight is a plant disease that affects Bleeding Heart Vine Plants, however, can be prevented by keeping the plant in a region with good air circulation from a fan or a window breeze.

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