Category: Indoor Plants

Begonia maculata – Indoor Plants

Begonia maculata is a gorgeous ornamental flowering plant. It hasRead More

Begonia bowerae – Indoor Plants

Begonia bowerae (Eyelash Begonia) is an attractive, ornamental, bushy, stemlessRead More

Begonia incarnata – Indoor Plants

Begonia incarnata is a gorgeous, shrublike evergreen perennial flowering plantRead More

Begonia carolineifolia – Indoor Plants

Begonia carolineifolia is an attractive perennial flowering plant that growsRead More

Begonia dregei – Indoor Plants

Begonia dregei is an attractive, evergreen perennial, tuberous, flowering plantRead More

Philodendron Birkin – Indoor Plants

Philodendron Birkin is an attractive ornamental plant. It has darkRead More

Philodendron bernardopazi – Indoor Plants

Philodendron bernardopazi is an ornamental climbing philodendron that grows upRead More

Philodendron balaoanum – Indoor Plants

Philodendron balaoanum is a gorgeous, ornamental climber house plant thatRead More

Philodendron gualeanum – Indoor Plants

Philodendron gualeanum is a gorgeous, ornamental house plant. The leavesRead More

Philodendron pogonocaule – Indoor Plants

Philodendron pogonocaule is an ornamental, climbing epiphyte or terrestrial largeRead More

Philodendron ventricosum – Indoor Plants

Philodendron ventricosum is an ornamental, scandent epiphytic plant. It hasRead More

Philodendron rugosum – Indoor Plants

Philodendron rugosum is a gorgeous, evergreen indoor plant. It hasRead More

Philodendron Prince of Orange – Indoor Plants

Philodendron Prince of Orange is a gorgeous, evergreen indoor plantRead More

Philodendron Majesty – Indoor Plants

Philodendron Majesty is an attractive, perennial vine, climbing philodendron. ItRead More

Philodendron Atom – Indoor Plants

The Philodendron Atom (Philodendron selloum ‘Atom’) is an attractive, uniqueRead More

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