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Caladium 'Aaron' - Foliage Plants

Caladium ‘Aaron’ – Foliage Plants

Caladium ‘Aaron’ is a decorative, herbaceous perennial plant. It has beautiful medium to large, heart-shaped leaves with creamy white centers, white veins, and dark green edges. It an excellent choice for containers, homes, and offices. Scientific classification: Family: Araceae Genus:

Caladium 'Red Flash' - Foliage Plants

Caladium ‘Red Flash’ – Foliage Plants

Caladium ‘Red Flash’ is an attractive, tuberous perennial that grows up to 60-90 cm tall and 60 cm wide. It has showy, large heart-shaped, dark green leaves are painted with vibrant red veining and a splattering of pink freckles. It

Caladium steudneriifolium - Foliage Plants

Caladium steudneriifolium

Caladium steudneriifolium is a herbaceous perennial plant and grows up to 10 – 25 inches tall. It has heart-shaped, green leaves with deep green midribs or veins and speckled or spotted with white dots and edged in deep green. The

Spotted Evergreen – Indoor Plants

Spotted Evergreen (Aglaonema Costatum) is an ornamental, easy growing houseplant. It has attractive glossy dark green leaves variegated with scattered spots on both sides of the leaf and with a white midrib. The leaves are oval in shape and the

Aglaonema White Dalmatian - Indoor Plants

Aglaonema White Dalmation – Indoor Plants

Aglaonema White Dalmation is the most popular and attractive, air-purifying houseplant. It has bright white speckled leaves with green edges. It produces a small white flower similar to a peace lily plant. Aglaonema White Dalmation is on Nasa’s list of

Mickey Mouse Taro - Foliage Plants

Mickey Mouse Taro – Foliage Plants

Mickey Mouse Taro (Xanthosoma albomarginata) is a herbaceous perennial, attractive ornamental plant that grows up to 3-5 ft. tall at full maturity. It has fleshy leafstalks long leaves dark green with variegated edges and variegated patterns that start yellow and

Caladium lindenii – Foliage Plants

Caladium lindenii is a herbaceous perennial, attractive ornamental plant and can grow into a dense clump to about 2-3 feet tall and as wide. It has large and showy thin-leathery leaves that are arrowhead-shaped and the leaves are yellowish to

Athyrium niponicum – Fern plants

Athyrium niponicum is an attractive, deciduous fern plant. It has creeping rhizomes with a whorl of fronds growing from the basal rootstock. The fronds are triangular-shaped blades, 10 to 16 inches tall and 6 to 10 inches broad, pinnate, with

Japanese painted fern - Fern plants

Japanese painted fern – Fern plants

Japanese painted fern is an ornamental, deciduous, feathery fern. It has silvery-grey fronds that are dusty purple towards the center with purplish-red veins and stems. The fronds are variable in length, generally 30 to 75 cm long but occasionally over

Lady fern (Athyrium filix-femina) – Fern plants

Lady fern (Athyrium filix-femina) is an ornamental, large, feathery fern and grows up to 2-5 meters tall. It has light-green color and twice-pinnate fronds with finely toothed leaflets create the illusion of a dainty fern, despite its large size. Stems

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Tillandsia crocata – Flowering plants

Tillandsia crocata is the most popular scented air plant. It is a short-stemmed, xerophyte epiphytic or saxicolous bromeliad. It has tough, linear, attenuate, involute, stems