Cereus forbesii spiralis (Spiraled Cereus)

Cereus forbesii spiralis (Spiraled Cereus) - Cactus garden

Cereus forbesii spiralis (Spiraled Cereus) is a trunkless cactus that forms numerous tall, blue-green color, spiraling, columnar stems which branch at the base in a candelabra-like arrangement. Stems have a waxy blossom on the surface and reach a height of 2-4 meters, and are 4 to 5 inch in diameter. They have five to nine widely-spaced ribs. Spiraled Cereus is a heavy bloomer and large purple fruits are easily produced when blossoms are pollinated. It is self-sterile and considered to be non-toxic however the spines are sharp so handle carefully.

Scientific name: Cereus forbesii spiralis
Synonyms: Cereus peruvianus forma spirale, Cereus peruvianous tortulosus
Common Names: Spiraled Cereus, Twisted Cereus, and Contorted Cereus.

Cereus forbesii spiralis (Spiraled Cereus) - Cactus garden

How to care and grow Cereus forbesii spiralis (Spiraled Cereus)?


It thrives best in light shade when young, then when they are mature, full sun is recommended, they need bright light all year round.


It grows well in a rich-organic, well-drained soil mix.


Water regularly, during the growing season, but water sparingly when dormant (autumn and winter). Allow the top of the soil to slightly dry out before watering again.


It prefers average room temperatures of around 16°C – 24°C / 60°F – 75°F. The temperature should not drop below 10°C.


Fertilize once every 15 days with compounds containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium or use a good cactus fertilizer.


Repotting should be done every other year, or when the plant has outgrown its pot. Make sure the soil is dry and then remove the pot. Knock away old soil and prune away any rotted or dead roots, then replace it in a new pot and backfill with new soil.


Spiraled Cereus can be easily propagated from cuttings in spring or by Seeds. Simply sever a branch and replant in moist, well-drained soil. It helps to allow the cut end dry out and harden before you replant it, this makes it easier for the new cactus to form roots.

Pests and Diseases:

Spiraled Cereus cactus plant are susceptible to the scale or mealybugs. If bugs are detected on the cactus, apply an insecticidal soap to the plant according to the directions on the label.

Last updated on July 18th, 2021

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