Champak – Flowering plants

Champak - Flowering plants

Champak (Magnolia champaca or Michelia champaca) is an ornamental, fragrant flowering, evergreen tree. Champak grows to 50 meters tall and bears star-shaped orange or yellow flowers. It blossoms in summer, with large 8 cm strongly fragrant flowers and with up to 12 petals, that are especially fragrant at night. Its trunk can be up to 1.9 meters in diameter and has a narrow umbelliform crown. It has smooth gray or grayish white bark. The leaves of the joy perfume tree grow up to 14 inches long. Its flowers are narrow-petaled and about 2.6 inches in length, they bloom during spring and fall. Scarlet or brown seeds cluster along a long stalk. Magnolia champaca oil is used in perfumery. Planting a Magnolia champaca tree either indoors as bonsai.

Scientific Name: Magnolia champaca or Michelia champaca
Common Names: champak

Champak - Flowering plants






How to grow and maintain champak:

It grows well in full or partial sun, a southern, eastern or western exposure.

It prefers highly acidic and well-drained rich soil. Lightly armed heavy clay and sandy soils with organic matter. Water to settle the soil around roots. The soil pH level 6.1 to 6.5.

It prefers average temperature at 25 to 38 degrees C. However, they will tolerate cooler temperatures during the winter.

Water greatly when the plant is young, water moderately when the plant is mature. Give the seedlings plenty of water during its first couple of years of growth. Remember to keep the soil moist, but at the same time try to avoid over water the plant. When the tips of young leaves turn brown, you have either over watered or under watered it.

Fertilize in the early spring with a balanced compost, generally, fertilize with half tsp of fertilizer per gallon of water once a week. Use a balanced fertilizer like a 15-15-15 or a blooming fertilizer like a 7-9-5.

It can be propagated by seed (Keep them very warm 85 degrees F or 29 degrees C until they germinate) or by air layering, hardwood cuttings or via grafting.

Prune trees just to shape and remove wayward, broken, dead, or diseased branches and limbs, or for safety around utility lines. Utilize pruning saws and moderate work, and a chainsaw for heavy work. Excessive pruning reduces flowering.

Collect seeds from the ripened fruit of an existing Michelia champaca tree.

Pests and Diseases:
It is susceptible to mealy bugs and aphids. Spray with Pure Neem Oil at the primary indication of infestation.

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