Cissus antarctica – Indoor House Plants

Cissus antarctica - Indoor House Plants

Cissus antarctica (also called Kangaroo vine) is an ornamental houseplant. It is one of the best-known species of the genus Cissus in the family of Vitaceae. Kangaroo vine can grow 2-3m tall indoors use as trained or hanging baskets. Kangaroo vine is a tender, tendril-forming, evergreen climber with broadly ovate, leathery, glossy, toothed, dark green leaves (up to 4 inches long) and, from spring into summer, insignificant cymes of small, green flowers followed by spherical, black fruit.

Scientific Name: Cissus antarctica
Common Name: Kangaroo vine

Cissus antarctica - Indoor House Plants






How to grow and maintain Cissus antarctica:

The kangaroo vine prefers a partial sun to partial shade. Kangaroo vine does not tolerate direct sun.

Kangaroo vine grows best in loamy, sandy loam, clay loam soil, enriched soil with pH between mild acidic to mild alkaline.

The kangaroo vine prefers a temperature range of 5-18°C / 40-65°F but will withstand temperatures to 0°C, 32°F for short periods. If the temperature rises beyond 20°C / 68°F, provide the plant with plenty of ventilation.

Water the kangaroo vine plant regularly during the growing season, allow the top 0.4 inch of soil to dry out before watering again. Avoid over-watering this plant in Winter, otherwise, parts of the plant may rot.

Apply a liquid fertilizer every 10-14 days in spring and summer.

The kangaroo vine can be propagated by seed or by root hardwood or greenwood cuttings. Take young tip cuttings in spring and early summer, peel off the lower leaves, plunge in hormone rooting powder, insert into a mixture of peat and sand, and enclose the pot in a plastic bag. Roots should form within 6-8 weeks.

Pests and Diseases:
No serious pest and disease problems. Red Spider Mite may be a problem, trim away and dispose of affected growth, then treat the plant with an insecticide once new growth appears.


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