Columnea microphylla (Goldfish Plants) – Flowering plants

Scientific classification

Family: Gesneriaceae
Genus: Columnea
Species: C. microphylla
Scientific Name: Columnea microphylla Klotzsch & Hanst. ex Oerst.
Common Name: Goldfish Plants, Flying Goldfish Plants

How to grow and care Columnea microphylla (Goldfish Plants)


It thrives best in bright light but keeps out of direct sunlight, which will turn the leaves brown. An eastern facing window is perfect. They can also successfully be grown under lights indoors, especially during the winter.


It grows best in well-drained, any good potting mix. Use a peat moss-based mix, such as African violet potting mix.


Water thoroughly, spring through fall, and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. In the winter, water less often and allowing the soil to become almost dry between waterings. However, the soil should never dry out completely.


It prefers average room temperatures 65°F – 75°F / 18°C – 24°C year-round. Exposure to cold will cause its leaves to fall off.


It prefers moderate to high humidity. Use a room humidifier or a humidity tray to maintain moist air. Mist foliage every day, use room-temperature water because cold water will cause brown spots on the foliage.


Fertilizer every 2 weeks spring and summer with a high-phosphorus liquid fertilizer (such as 10-30-10) diluted by half.


Columnea microphylla can be easily propagated by stem-tip cuttings. Take 10 cm (4-inch) stem tip cuttings (without flower buds on them) in spring or summer. Goldfish Plant can also be grown from seed. When the seed is soft and ripe, collect the seed and sow by spinkling lightly on the surface of fine soil. Germination is in approximately two weeks.

Pests and Diseases

Goldfish plants is highly susceptible to botrytis mold, fungal leaf spots, and mosaic viruses. Aphids, spider mites, and cottony cushion scale are common.


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