Costus Plant – Indoor herb garden

Costus plant -Indoor herb garden

Costus plant, Costus spicatus, or Indian Head Ginger, is a herbaceous tropical enduring plant that develops from rhizomes. Costus plant is one of the most effortless of the fancy gingers to develop. Costus plant has tropical looking foliage with leaves that winding around the fundamental stem. It likewise has splendid red cone molded bracts, with orange and yellow blossoms that rise each one in turn. The bloom bract is enduring and makes a magnificent cut blossom. It will blossom in spring and summer, or year round in tropical conditions. The plant does best in tropical to sub tropical zones, however can likewise be developed in colder regions that experience ice. It might subside in colder months, however will reshoot again when hotter climate comes. It is a vivacious cultivator that can rapidly make a substantial cluster. It can be developed as a holder plant, in huge containers. Costus like an all around depleted fruitful soil. They like a section shaded position, customary preparing and watering. They can take a sunnier position if kept all around watered. They have couple of vermin and diseases. Costus spicatus is otherwise called Costus scaber and Alpinia spicata.

How to maintain Costus plant:

Light: They like morning sun presentation, so an eastern window is great. Plants that get all the more light ought to get correspondingly more water. They can be adjusted to full sun and will every now and again value a late spring on your overhang or patio.

Water: They require bounteous and customary measures of water. Never let the soil dry out, amid the winter season. Don’t be that as it may, let them sit in waterlogged soil or the rhizome could decay.

Compost: Feed week by week with a feeble fluid manure that incorporates micronutrients. They are overwhelming feeders, particularly amid the developing season.

Soil: A light, quick depleting fertilized soil is great.

Repotting: Contingent upon the species, you’ll most likely need to repot your Costus every year, in the start of the developing season. In the event that you need to keep it a reasonable size, utilize this as a chance to isolate the rhizome and invigorate your gardening soil, however keep it in a similar size pot. A portion of the bigger species can develop to 10 feet (3 m) or all the more, so know about the potential size issue.

Propagation: They can be proliferated by leaf cuttings, yet by a wide margin the most straightforward approach to spread an expenses is to separate the rhizome or take a bit of it. While separating the rhizome, search for a piece that is effectively developing or recently rising up out of the dirt. Isolate it from the parent plant and repot into another pot with crisp fertilized soil. Keep warm and sodden, yet don’t open to full sun until the principal new development rises, then you can start to move it into a sunnier area.

Last updated on February 28th, 2017

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