Euphorbia milii – Indoor House Plants

Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii (Crown of thorns) is a succulent climbing bush growing up to 5 feet tall. It’s blossoms are for the most part red and its thick stems are shrouded in thorns. The straight, slim spines, up to 1 inch long, help it scramble over different plants.Cuttings from this plant can be stuck straightforwardly in the dirt and develop without a current root framework. The leaves are discovered for the most part on new development, and are green and destroy molded, to 1 inch long and a large portion of an inch expansive.

Scientific name: Euphorbia milii

Common name: Crown of thorns

Euphorbia milii

How to grow and maintain Euphorbia milii:


Utilize a sandy very much depleted soil that is 2/3 desert flora or succulent fertilized soil and 1/3 perlite or coarse sand for a Crown of Thorns Plant. The dirt of a crown of Thorns Plant ought to deplete rapidly to avert root-spoil.


A Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns) Plant needs as much splendid aberrant light as you can give, but no direct sun.


At the point when a Crown of Thorns Plant is effectively developing, for the most part from late spring to early fall, water well and afterward permit the main half of the dirt to dry out before watering once more. Decrease the measure of water when a Crown of Thorns Plant is not creating new leaves and blossoms, but rather never permit the dirt to thoroughly dry out. A Crown of Thorns Plant can get serious root harm if the dirt gets excessively dry.


Nourish a Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns) Plant month to month when it is effectively developing with a water-dissolvable manure at ½ the suggested quality. Utilize a plant nourishment low in nitrogen and high in phosphorous to breaking point leaf development and support sprouts on a Crown of Thorns Plant.


A Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) Plant likes to be warm and does well in temperatures between 60-96 degrees F. A Crown of Thorns Plant may lose leaves if the temperature goes underneath 55 degrees F.


A Crown of Thorns Plant produces brilliant bracts in red, yellow, and pink encompassing modest blooms in the early spring through late summer. Under the correct conditions, a Crown of Thorns Plant will blossom all year.

Pests and diseases:

A Crown of Thorns Plant is exceptionally bother safe. Coarse Bugs and Aphids are the primary plant bugs that could trouble a Crown of Thorns Plant. Plant Mildew and Plant Fungus are two plant sicknesses that can create if a Crown of Thorns Plant is kept excessively clammy or if the dampness is too high. Plant ailments frequently show up on a Crown of Thorns Plant if the room is cool and the light deficient so dependably give great air flow and warm temperatures.

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