Kentia palm – Indoor House Plants

Kentia palm - Indoor House Plants

Kentia palm (Howea belmoreana) is one of the most elegant of all indoor palms. It is an upright, slow-growing, evergreen palm with the greyish ringed trunk, growing to about 6-10 m tall and 15 cm in diameter. It has a crown of arching pinnate fronds with dark green leaflets and can look almost black from a distance, with prominent secondary veins, arranged in a single plane, adaxially angled which give it an angular V-shape appearance. Petiole rather short at maturity. The blossoms are produced on long linear hanging spikes. The fruit is oval and grows along the length of the flower spike after flowering. It grows well in cooler parts of the subtropics and warm temperate areas. Howea belmoreana is similar to the much more common kentia palm Howea forsteriana.

Scientific Name: Howea belmoreana
Common Names: Curly palm, Kentia palm, or Belmore sentry palm.

Kentia palm - Indoor House Plants






How to grow and maintain Kentia palm:

It prefers indirect light, but not direct sunlight.

It prefers well-drained fertile soil. However, it is widely adaptable including those that are neutral, acidic, clayey and slightly alkaline.

It requires room temperatures of around 65°F / 16°C – 75°F / 24°C are ideal. The temperature should not decline lower than 55°F / 12.7°C.

It prefers regular waterings and Water when the soil starts to lose its moisture. Try not to let the plant sit in water. Indoor, potted specimens should not be over-watered. They may contract the fungus Phytophthora, if over-watered.

Fertilize every month from spring to summer is appropriate with any organic fertilizer.

It can be propagated by seeds that germinate erratically, with seedlings appearing as early as 80 days after planting and then sporadically over 1-3 years.

Pests and Diseases:
No serious pest and disease problems. But maybe susceptible to rot, mites and mealybug. Protect from frost.


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