Pilea cadierei – Indoor House Plants

Pilea cadierei

The Pilea cadierei is an alluring hanging or table plant. Tiny, light-colored flowers sometimes appear in summer. Don’t be afraid to pinch them off. They’re insignificant compared to the foliage.
This specific assortment of Pilea is developed for its appealing leaves as opposed to its little blooms. The dark green oval foliage, which looks a little puffy or quilt-like, has distinct shiny silver markings between the veins on the upper side of the leaf. Aluminum Plants are little delicate stemmed plants, more often than not achieving a stature of close to 12-18 inches (30-45 cm). These plants should be trimmed on a predictable premise keeping in mind the end goal to remain appealing and not get to be distinctly leggy. Aluminum Plants should be placed where the top of the leaves are easily visible since this is where their beauty lies.

Scientific name : Pilea cadierei

Common name: Aluminium plant

Pilea cadierei

How to grow and maintain Pilea cadierei:


Keep plant in bright indirect sunlight (no less than four hours) to keep it appealing. When you don’t give enough light, your plant becomes leggy as it goes after the light. Additionally, don’t open it to direct daylight as this will smolder the clears out.


Develop in an essential preparing blend that channels rapidly. You can keep the dirt vaporous by including one section clean sand alongside two sections peat greenery. You can utilize perlite set up of sand.


Give your watermelon plant a year-round temperature between 60-75 ºF (15-23 ºC).


Keep the top quarter inch of the dirt sodden amid the spring and summer when it is effectively developing. Amid fall and winter (the watermelon pilea starts to go into the resting stage) permit the top quarter inch of preparing blend to dry out before you water once more. Continuously deplete off abundance water left in the saucer underneath the plant.


Furnish plant with high Humidity. You can keep it on an uncommon stickiness plate or place the plant on a plate of stones loaded with water. The pot must not touch the water. This plant would likewise be cheerful in a terrarium.



Repot yearly to a bigger size pot, as this plant dislikes to be root bound.


Proliferate in the early spring by cuttings or division.

Pests and Diseases:

Plant may be attacked by spider mites when kept in a hot, dry environment and attacked by fungus gnats if kept in wet potting soil. Mist with tepid water and avoid overly wet soil. Prevent bacterial and fungal leaf spots by keeping the aluminum plant leaves dry and by providing good air circulation. You can treat these diseases with a commercial fungicide.


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