Syngonium podophyllum – Indoor House Plants

Syngonium podophyllum

Syngonium podophyllum is a creeping or climbing plant with leaves shaped like arrowheads. Leaves are alternate, 3-lobed, up to 30cm long, 2-8cm wide. Juvenile leaves are entire, with silvery-white veins or centre bounded by green. Mature leaves are dark green and segmented into 3 leaflets, central leaflet being longest. Total of 4-11 flower spikes develops in leaf axils, each comprising 6-9 green tubular flowers. Flowers are enclosed in creamy-white to green modified leaf. Fruit is red to reddish-orange with many black or brown seeds within soft, greyish pulp.

Scientific name : Synogonium podophyllum

Common name: Arrowhead plant, syngonium, Arrowhead vine, Arrowhead philodendron, Goosefoot, African evergreen, American evergreen.

Syngonium podophyllum

How to grow and maintain Synogonium podophyllum:


The plant just needs low light, so it can be utilized as a part of parts of the home where daylight is not plenteous. The Variegated assortments can take more sun, while the strong green sorts like shade.


Arrow point plant can develop to 2 ft (60 cm), a few assortments move to 4 ft (1.2 m) or more.


Any great blend of excrement with mud to make the preparing blend delicate.


Water each 2-5 days amid the late spring to keep the dirt uniformly wet however diminish watering in the winter months. They will profit by moistening to keep the humidity high. Try not to give the soil a chance to dry out.


Keep the plant over 60 degrees F if conceivable.


Nourish this plant consistently with a fluid compost amid the spring and summer months. No sustaining is vital in the winter.


Syngonium podophyllum stems root effectively. In the event that your stem has some elevated roots along it, cut this area and root them in water for more noteworthy achievement.


The Syngonium podophyllum plant develops decently fast. On the off chance that you pot on to bigger pots, your plant will increment in size. For an expansive plant, repot yearly.


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