Tag: Flowering plants

Baba Budan Balsam – Flowering plants

Baba Budan Balsam is a rare ornamental erect shrub thatRead More

Impatiens auriculata – Flowering plants

Impatiens auriculata is a small, ornamental perennial, hairless, succulent herbRead More

Impatiens arguta – Flowering plants

Impatiens arguta is a gorgeous semi-shrubby vigorous perennial plant thatRead More

Impatiens anaimudica (Anamudi Balsam) – Flowering plants

Impatiens anaimudica (Anamudi Balsam) is an attractive ornamental flowering plant.Read More

Alicia Balsam – Flowering plants

Alicia Balsam (Impatiens aliciae) is a unique ornamental, flowering annualRead More

Impatiens agumbeana – Flowering plants

Impatiens agumbeana is a rare ornamental flowering plant that growsRead More

Impatiens acaulis (Rock balsam) – Flowering plants

Impatiens acaulis (Rock balsam) is a small perennial stemless herb.Read More

Begonia Hatacoa Silver – Flowering plants

Begonia Hatacoa Silver is an attractive ornamental rhizomatous plant thatRead More

Begonia oyuniae – Flowering plants

  Scientific classification: Family: Begoniaceae Genus: Begonia Species: B. ScientificRead More

Begonia megaptera – Flowering plants

Begonia megaptera is an attractive, ornamental perennial plant. It hasRead More

Begonia malabarica – Flowering plants

Begonia malabarica is a small shrub medicinal plant that growsRead More

Begonia josephi – Flowering plants

Begonia josephi is a rare ornamental perennial deciduous plant. ItRead More

Begonia integrifolia – Flowering plants

Begonia integrifolia is an ornamental tuberous herb. It has simple,Read More

Star Begonia (Begonia heracleifolia) – Flowering plants

Star Begonia (Begonia heracleifolia) is an ornamental, evergreen perennial, deciduous,Read More

Begonia hatacoa – Flowering plants

Begonia hatacoa is an attractive, ornamental plant that grows upRead More

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