Angelica – Herb garden

Angelica - Herb garden

Angelica (Angelica archangelica) is the only Herbal and Aromatic Plant. It has large petioles and a purple-colored root. Leaves are compound, and flowers are borne in large, globose umbels 10-14 cm across. Each flower is very small (4 mm across) with white or greenish petals. The seeds and the oil distilled from them are used in flavoring foods, and the aromatic roots are used in medicine.

Scientific Name: Angelica archangelica
Common Name: garden angelica, wild celery, and Norwegian angelica.

Angelica - Herb garden






How to grow and maintain Angelica archangelica:

Easily grown in rich, slightly acidic, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Do not allow soils to dry out.

Temperature between is 75 to 85 degrees F.

Angelica does not endure dry season, it requires always moist soil and cool temperature. Make a point to water the plant regularly. To retain moisture, you can mulch the plant which will limit the evaporation of water.

Make sure you mix the compost every week or so.
Add new brown and green matter to freshen up the mix.

Roots, stems, and seeds are harvested and used as needed,
with some parts being ready 3–4 months after planting. The roots of the first year or second year are dug, washed, dried, and stored in tight containers to preserve the aroma.

Pests and diseases:
No serious insect or disease problems. Look for spider mites, leaf miners, and aphids.

Medicinal Uses:
It is particularly helpful for treating digestive disorders and blood circulation. The root is the most active medicinal part and retains its use for many years. Leaves and seeds can also be used. Infusions are used to treat flatulence, indigestion, chronic bronchitis, and typhus. It has been shown to stimulate blood flow in peripheral parts of the body (such as fingers and toes) and is used to treat poor circulation. However, it should not be used for those with a tendency towards diabetes since its use can increase sugar levels in the urine.

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