Ponytail palm – Indoor House Plants

Ponytail palm - Indoor House Plants

Ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is a slow-growing plant. It bears narrow, gray-green or dark green foliage that curves out from a large bulblike trunk, causing it to somewhat resemble a palm. In addition, the leaves emanate from a central point like a ponytail, thus the name. Although it may take years to do so, this plant could grow to as tall as 8 feet indoors. With proper care, individual plants can live for many years.

Scientific Name: Beaucarnea recurvata
Common Name: Ponytail palm, Elephant’s foot.

Ponytail palm - Indoor House Plants






How to grow and maintain Ponytail palm:

Beaucarnea recurvata will grow best in a light place away from direct sunlight. But you may also place your plant in a shady spot in the middle of a room. In proper growing conditions, a Ponytail Palm can reach a height of up to 8ft.

The soil of a Ponytail Palm needs to dry out so utilize a well-draining light soil with a lot of sand in it. This avoids over-watering and root rot.

Average room temperatures 65-75°F/18-24°C year-round.
However, they will survive down to 50º, providing they are not exposed to prolonged cold.

Amid the growing season, water every 7 to 14 days. The bulbous stems store water, so be careful not to overwater. During the winter season, cut back water to monthly.

Give a fluid manure blended at half strength, directed on a weekly schedule throughout the growing season and use a slow-release pellet fertilizer in the spring. Decrease feeding during the winter.

Under low-light conditions, brown leaf tips are common. These should be snipped off with sharp scissors.
Otherwise, no pruning is required.

It can be sown from seeds. In spring, you can expel the balances that grow from the base of the plant and put them in their own containers.

Pests and diseases:
Mealy Bugs, spider mites, and scale may infrequently infest a Ponytail Palm, particularly the new growth. Shower with the green solution at ½ strength to get rid of any infestations.

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