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Curculigo capitulata – Indoor Plants

Impatiens campanulata – Flowering plants

Impatiens campanulata is an evergreen perennial herb with exotic, orchid-shapedRead More

Begonia Nonstop Red – Flowering plants

Begonia Nonstop Red is a rare ornamental perennial flowering plant.Read More

Begonia concanensis – Flowering plants

Begonia concanensis is an attractive annual herb with tuberous rootsRead More

Begonia crenata – Flowering plants

Begonia crenata an ornamental, annual succulent plant that grows upRead More

Scarlet Begonia (Begonia coccinea) – Flowering plants

Scarlet Begonia (Begonia coccinea) is the most popular ornamental perennialRead More

Cathedral begonia – Indoor Plants

Cathedral begonia is a rare ornamental perennial rhizomatous herbaceous plant.Read More

Begonia cathcartii – Indoor Plants

Begonia cathcartii is rare ornamental perennials, a rhizomatous herb thatRead More

Begonia burkillii – Indoor Plants

Begonia burkillii an ornamental perennial rhizomatous plant. It has elliptic-shapedRead More

Begonia annulata (Ringed begonia) – Indoor Plants

Begonia annulata (Ringed begonia) is rare ornamental perennials rhizomatous herbRead More

Begonia albococcinea – Indoor Plants

Begonia albococcinea is an attractive, evergreen perennial flowering plant. ItRead More

Begonia acetosa – Indoor Plants

Begonia acetosa is the most popular evergreen perennial rhizomatous plantRead More

Ming Fern (Asparagus retrofractus) – Indoor Plants

Ming Fern (Asparagus retrofractus) is an evergreen perennial, spreading, tangledRead More

Irish ivy (Hedera hibernica) – Foliage Plants

Irish ivy (Hedera hibernica) is an evergreen climbing plant thatRead More

Tree of Love (Aichryson laxum) – Indoor Plants

Tree of Love (Aichryson laxum) is the most popular flowering,Read More