Amaryllis belladonna – Flowering plants

Amaryllis belladonna - Flowering plants

Amaryllis belladonna is also known as the naked lady (for its feminine shape and color) and the March lily. It is a bulbous perennial with erect stems, each bearing an umbel of funnel-shaped, fragrant pink flowers to 10cm in length, which opens in autumn before the narrowly strap-shaped leaves appear. The bulbs are best planted […]

Zebra plant – Flowering plant

Zebra plant (Aphelandra squarrosa)

Zebra plant is a indoor flowering house plant. This amazing plant will grow quite large in tropical environments, but is perfectly suited as a house plant or garden annual in colder areas; seasonal, yellow bracted flower spikes are stunning; deep green glossy leaves with contrasting white veins.Zebra Plant features bold spikes of yellow tubular flowers […]